01 / FAST

We use the latest technologies to ensure lightning fast speed, quick load times and a smooth user experience!


With the usage of the latest and most advanced security protocols available, we ensure the safety of your data and privacy!

03 / EASY

By following the most modern design technics we make sure our users can use our products with ease. We always try to offer the best user experience possible!

Crash Alert is our latest and more innovative product made to solve one big problem:
it makes easier for locals and most importantly for travelers to issue a road incident to their insurance company and get help as soon as possible.
We constantly translate Crash Alert to more languages to make it even easier for foreigners to get help in case of an emergency in another country.
We constantly add new features. You can check them out here along with our roadmap!  
You can find our app on different stores online.



We are a bunch of young and talented guys met at school or different tech events and came along from the start because of the common passion about using technology to solve everyday problems. To this day we always have the user experience and privacy as our first priority and to achieve that we attend lots of events and lectures together trying to become better and better by the day.


We have always dreamt of a world that all people gain equal chance to simplify their lives. So we develop products and technologies that have the simplicity and user experience as their core features. When we come up with new ideas we always try to focus on why they are important for the users and how can we make them a standard trend to other similar developing companies.


We always tend to use the latest, most modern and secure technologies, protocols and design models to ensure the best security, privacy and user experience. We update our products regularly to keep up with the latest technological changes to offer the best compatibility and connectivity with any other product or application. We also offer real time support for any problems they might occur.


Christoforakis Panagiotis


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He has a background in Mathematics and a passion in making our world a more simple and better place. He hopes that our company can make a step towards achieving that. He spends his free time trying to figure out how to code!

Stamatis Thomas

Art Director

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He has a master's degree in Product Design with a specialization in UI/UX. He has been part of many projects in collaboration with universities and other organisations in the past. He certainly is an asset to us!

Konstantinos Karathimios

Computer Networking Expert

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A Computer Scientist, with passion about the Networking field, looking for an opportunity to develop problem-solving skills and knowledge by expanding furthermore to other aspects of his science.




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